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Sports Supplements For Athletes Min

July 12, 2021 by The Body Factory

Sports Supplements for Athletes

The world of sports supplements continues to evolve as the market broadens with new products hitting the shelves every day. Supplement companies aggressively bid for a slice of market share boasting bold marketing statements directed at results and superior quality. So what is the truth behind sports supplements and do they work?

Sports supplements were originally designed by pharmaceutical companies in order to provide athletes training and competing at the top level with an ability to grow, perform and recover at an optimal level. And also to sustain the demands of the physical demands associated with competitive sport.

Sports supplements define a category of products that support the naturally occurring components within our body and assist in driving processes internally such as muscular growth. For example amino acids can be described as the building blocks of muscle and contribute greatly towards growth and recovery among many other things. Although many amino acids are found within the body, supplements can also be taken to bolster their quantity for better training and competition.

Athletes are described as having a daily activity level well above that of the average person, in turn, causing far greater stress on the body with a higher nutrient content required to sustain activity at the desired level.

It is due to the training and competition load that suggests sports supplementation provides advantageous benefits, contributing to performance and recovery as a result of replenished nutrients required by the body to function efficiently.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are entirely an opinion by The Body Factory or representative thereof and do not take into account your individual health, circumstances or needs. For personal guidance, you should contact us or other qualified fitness or health professional.


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      5/21 Resolution Drive, Caringbah,
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