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Transform over 8 weeks by losing weight, toning up and improving your body shape. This post-lockdown fitness challenge is the one we have been waiting for to get you back on track in an interactive environment for 8 weeks. The challenge includes classes, nutrition, special sessions, InBody Scans and prizes with the challenge winner taking home $5,000 cash.


Join the challenge and receive the ultimate gym experience including access to 55 group fitness classes each week including favourites like HIIT28, our new class Squad and more.


Our workouts are designed to get your heart rate pumping, burn calories and shred fat while shaping up over winter in a welcoming gym environment with a challenge that will motivate you.


Maximise your results over the 8 weeks by being in an engaging environment with dedicated coaches to push you at every step and win prizes along the way for extra motivation.

What are the Challenge Prizes?

The overall winner takes home $5,000



Coaches Choice awarded from each Coach
Effort and Encouragement award



Prizes for effort at fortnightly activity!


Challenge Inclusions

What’s Included

In Body Scans before and after

Week 1 and week 8 fitness testing and professional photos

Dedicated Accountability Coach – each

Access to HIIT, Strength & Boxing classes

TBF singlet (including number on back for your team), and TBF socks

Nutrition Meal Plan

15 minute video how to plan meal prep

Fortnightly exclusive challenge workouts for each coach and team.

Prizes to be won along the way

$5,000 cash for the winner

Special forces and special guest military stye experience and beach training beach session

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Challenge Price

$499 /person for non-members and includes access to all classes and all challenge inclusions

$ 249 /person for existing members including access to all classes and all challenge inclusions

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I hands down recommend The Body Factory! Even if you are just starting out The Body Factory is the place for you. I’ve been going since the beginning of October and have seen an amazing transformation. The body factory is such a welcoming place, not only do the coaches/trainers welcome you with open arms, so does everyone else training there. The body factory is a great place to train and socialise at the same time, this is made easy with all their group fitness classes. Getting into all your classes every week is so easy with their app and you can also check any upcoming events on there too. I love going to the body factory!

Kimberly M.

I heard about The Body Factory through friends and it’s an environment unlike any other gym I've tried. Highly recommend the group classes and the personal training and love the one-stop-shop approach of being able to train and get my supplements, and PT in one place. Love the vibe and team!

Bec A.

I went into the body factory’s challenge a little bit hesitant with a lot going on in my personal life and knowing I had fallen off the exercise bandwagon. I can safely say it was one of the best decisions my friends ever encouraged me to make after the COVID ridden year that was it really did make the world of difference to not only my physical appearance & confidence (which was very much lacking) but it also led to the biggest improvement and shift in my mental state and happiness. I very quickly learned to look forward to walking into the gym to start my day again and challenging myself. I can’t thank all the amazing coaches enough for the encouragement and environment that they provided and continue to provide every day. Following the challenge, the body factory is now an integral part of my daily routine, one which I am so grateful for.

Isabella M.



The Body Factory is here for you to burn those calories! We bring you 55 group fitness gym classes each week and personal training sessions to get fit, strong and healthy. Our classes are available Monday to Saturday and include HIIT, strength and boxing training to suit your workout preference. Please check our timetable regularly for class updates.


  • $5,000 cash for the winner
  • Access to HIIT, Strength & Boxing classes
  • In Body scans before and after
  • MyZone Switch Heart Rate Monitor


    Join Sydney’s best gym today and start your journey to attain your health and fitness goals.


      5/21 Resolution Drive, Caringbah,
      Sutherland Shire, Sydney, Australia

      5/21 Resolution Drive, Caringbah,
      Sutherland Shire, Sydney, Australia