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September 7, 2021 by The Body Factory

How Strength Training can Lead to a Healthier, Happier You

When you think of strength training you may think of beefed up gym junkies around a squat rack holding protein shakes. This is taking strength training to another level. But what if we told you strength training can play an important part in your life and lead to a healthier, happier you? Resistance training (aka strength or weight training) can increase muscle mass, reduce body fat, increase bone density and boost your mood. This type of training holds a place for all ages and fitness levels, here’s why.


Increase your strength and muscular endurance

As the name suggests, a major benefit of strength training is that it will make you stronger and increase your ability to train harder for longer. This is beneficial in the gym and also in day-to-day life. Performing resistance exercises and weight training regularly will help those daily tasks like housework, carrying groceries or picking up the kids become easier.


Strength training can help you maintain or lose weight

All exercise boosts your metabolism and assists in weight loss over time. With strength training, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption is higher than in aerobic (cardio) training. While it sounds counter-intuitive, this means your metabolism stays active and continues to burn energy (and therefore calories) after exercise. Because of this, strength training can help boost weight loss more than just aerobic exercise alone. When combining strength training with a well-balanced diet, a healthy weight and proportions can be easily achieved or maintained.


Assists with healthy bones

For older adults a decrease in muscle mass is a natural part of the ageing process. Less muscle mass means increased weakness and lower mobility, raising the risk of injury. Making strength training a part of your exercise regime increases bone mineral density in all ages to reduce the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis later in life.


Boost your energy levels and improve your mood

It’s no secret that physical activity elevates your endorphins, boosting your energy levels and lifting your mood. By building muscle, getting stronger and noticing changes to your body over time, strength training has been proven to boost confidence and self-esteem in men and women, leaving them to feel better about themselves. Not to mention that post workout pumped feeling!


Where do I start?

Does strength training sound like something you’d like to add into your routine but have no idea where to start? Getting help from an expert Personal Trainer is a good starting point. Your trainer can develop an strength-based exercise program tailored to you and your fitness level so you can progressively build your strength in a safe and supervised way. Many gyms also offer strength based classes in a group fitness environment. This option gives you regular sessions usually over 45 minutes with a range of equipment and focus day on upper or lower body.


The Body Factory’s team of Coaches and Personal Trainers are ready to help people of all fitness levels achieve their training goals. If you would like to find out more about strength training at The Body Factory, contact us via the information below.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are entirely an opinion by The Body Factory or representative thereof and do not take into account your individual health, circumstances or needs. For personal guidance, you should contact us or other qualified fitness or health professional.


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      5/21 Resolution Drive, Caringbah,
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      5/21 Resolution Drive, Caringbah,
      Sutherland Shire, Sydney, Australia