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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can be an invaluable component to your overall health and wellbeing. If you are looking to gain mobility and increase your range of motion, The Body Factory’s Massage Therapist can help you meet your goals.

If an allied healthcare professional has recommended the incorporation of massage into your treatment plan, The Body Factory’s Massage Therapist can collaborate with them on your behalf. If your day-to-day life has left you with aches, pains and overall tension, The Body Factory has you covered. Come in and switch off while our Massage Therapist kneads away the areas of muscle congestion to increase blood flow and enable you to feel fully charged and energised again.

Come into our private massage room where our fully qualified Massage Therapist can tailor a treatment plan specifically for you. This might include a soothing relaxation massage, a sports massage to get some stretch and mobility back into joints and muscles, or a remedial massage possibly blending the two approaches building a prescriptive treatment designed just for you.

Our remedial massages are also eligible for Health Fund rebates. For areas of increased muscle congestion and tension where massage is not getting the results we need, we can look to incorporate Myofascial Cupping, creating additional space between the layers of tissue to enable blood to flow back into those tricky areas again.

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Massage Therapy Choices

  • Remedial Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Relaxation Massage
  • Myofascial Cupping


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Our Treatments

To find the right massage for you our therapist will provide a personalised consultation. Our treatments include;

Remedial massage uses a range of manual therapy techniques such as mobilisation, acupressure, trigger point therapy, deep connective tissue manipulation and stretching to relieve pain and improve function.

Good For: Imbalances, injuries, neck pain and tension, muscle cramps, muscle pain and tightness and migraines.

If you’re a gym user, into sports, or a run off your feet mum, you’ll know what pushing yourself feels like. On top of day-to-day life, it can lead to wear and tear on muscles and tendons. That’s where our sports massage can help prevent and heal muscle and tendon injury.

Good For: Sporting, gym and muscle overuse, and impact injuries. Sports massage stimulates blood circulation and release knots in the muscles, while helping increase flexibility and range of motion. It incorporates remedial massage, trigger point and deep tissue techniques to assist in specific injury rehabilitation and alleviate pain.

A truly holistic therapy, relaxation massage can calm the nervous system, incorporates aromatherapy, supports immune and lymphatic function and enhances your overall wellbeing. Involving long, soft kneading to the superficial muscles, it is both relaxing and stimulating.

Good For: Releasing stress and anxiety, pampering yourself and pregnancy massage from an accredited therapist.

For soft tissue therapy we use myofascial cupping. This works along the fibres of the muscle encouraging increased blood flow and oxygen to release the fascia, making more room for the muscles to release from a state of tension.

Good For: Eliminating tension, helping to ease pain and restoring motion.

$100 per 1 hour session. $65 per 30 minute session.
HICAPS rebates are available through your health fund.
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What is Massage Therapy, is it right for me?

Massage therapy is a complete and comprehensive approach to total mind, body and soul wellness. From the moment you enter the clinic we assess your posture, symmetry and body mechanics, and tailor the massage to your wants, needs and concerns to ensure it gives you the right outcome. We specialise in Remedial, Sports and Relaxation massage suitable for both active and more relaxed lifestyles.

What is included in my Massage Therapy treatment?
Massage Therapy is highly regulated industry and our therapist reflects those standards. She is HICAPS qualified, fully insured and a member of the Australian Massage Therapy Association (AMT). Our therapist will provide a private needs assessment at the start of your massage therapy session.

This could include a visual assessment of your overall alignment, checking range of motion for any areas of concern, a gait assessment, as well as some passive and active movements. Following the assessment your therapist will discuss a proposed treatment plan with you to confirm you are happy before proceeding.

Throughout your treatment our Massage Therapist will check-in with you as appropriate to ensure you are comfortable and that the treatment is meeting expectations. We encourage an environment that enables you to feedback to your therapist as the treatment takes place to make sure your needs are being met. Although we have many similarities, everyone is different and unique, what works for one might not work for the other, but together we can discover the perfect combination for you.

Our massage therapy treatments are tailored individually to you specifically to ensure you leave feeling healed and rejuvenated. Our treatments of remedial, sport and relaxation massage also include options for pregnancy, deep tissue, trigger point, stretching and mobilisation.

Is it right for me?
Yes, massage is for everyone and invaluable, some would even say essential, as part of your physical and mental wellbeing. It is used to release pain and tension from work when our bodies are held in the same unnatural position for hours on end, aid in the healing of gym related muscular injuries and simply reducing the stresses that build up overtime due to our very busy on-the-go lifestyles.

After the treatment your tension will ease, blood will flow back into blocked areas of muscles enabling them to heal, range of movement will improve, you’ll be left with a feeling of having being nurtured and looked after. Massage can help you feel light on your feet and clear in your mind again.

With regular massage treatments built into your routine, you will begin to notice the difference in everyday activities and in your fitness and lifestyle.

See you in the clinic.

Our Massage Therapist

“There is nothing better than to connect with your client and walk beside them on their healing journey”

Sarah Sears, Accredited & Certified Remedial Massage Therapist: Sarah brings recovery and longevity to The Body Factory through her ability to repair, relieve and relax. Whether it’s creating symmetry in the body to relieve your pain, create alignment and relax your muscles and mind, Sarah is the master of massage.

Sarah will work with your presenting condition as well as other lifestyle factors to gain an understanding of your situation and determine the approach of massage best suited to you. This may be a deep pressure remedial massage, a massage to work on the release of mental strain and stress, or a combination of the two along with home stretch and release techniques

My Skills and Experience: Sarah has 4 years experience in massage therapy and has been an assessor and teacher of massage therapy students. She holds a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy and a Certificate in Myofascial Cupping, accredited with AMT and certified with HICAPS.

My Massage Therapy Style: Sarah will work with your therapy plan, utilising massage to enable you to get your body and mind into a better place.

Ask Me About: Treating the body with massage to improve your mobility and wellbeing.